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Macromedia Flash

Course Outline

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Course Description

This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to Flash, the design tool which enables the creation of high-impact, fully interactive web sites. Flash brings a level of advanced animation and interactivity in the creating of truly unique and engaging websites or presentations. In this course you will learn how to incorporate animations, interactive movies and interactive banners into your website pages.

Who should Attend this Course

This Course is for individuals who wish to create and incorporate animation and interactivity in web site documents or who just wish to create animated movies such as cartoons.


Course Objectives


By the End of the course, students will be able to:


         Define all the elements of the user interface

         View a Flash movie and modify the appearance of the


         Draw, paint, and create custom colors and line styles using Flash tools.

         Use text, layers and imported graphics

         Manipulate objects, experiment with shape interaction, and import


         Build layers and use them to create effects.

         Add text, and manipulate its behavior and appearance.

         Create frame-by-frame, shape tweened, and motion tweened animation.

         Use symbols and the Macromedia Flash Library

         Create animation that includes sound

         Add actions to frames and objects

         Publish a Flash movie.



The Flash Environment


         What is Flash?

         Vector Vs. Bitmap Graphics

         The Flash Work Environment


Drawing and Painting


         Basic Drawing and Painting Tools

         Working with Strokes and Fills

         Creating Custom Colors, Gradients, and LineStyles


Working with Objects


         Manipulating Objects

         Object Interaction

         Transforming and Grouping Objects

         Importing Objects


Symbols and Instances


         Understanding Symbols and Instances

         Editing Symbols and Instances

         Creating a Shared Symbol Library

         Creating Buttons



Working with Multiple Layers


         Creating and Managing Multiple Layers

         Mask Layers

         Aligning Objects


Working with Text


         Text Blocks

         Converting Text into Shapes


Creating Animation


         Frame-By-Frame Animation

         Shape Tweened Animation

         Motion Tweened Animation

         Guide Layers


Interactivity in Flash


         Introduction to Interactivity

         Adding Actions


Working with Sound


         Adding Sounds to a Flash Movie

         Importing and Editing Sounds



Publishing Your Flash Movie


         Selecting your Publishing Settings

         Previewing and Publishing Files