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Web page Design Class

Homework Assignment1

Create a web page using the following elements.

  1. Background = lightgreen.bmp (or you may use a background of your choice)
  2. Page title = Beaches
  3. Place the text below in the body of your document. (You may copy the text from the Barbados Beaches document in your web folder.) You are not allowed to use the pre tag to format your data for this exercise.
  4. Place a picture of each beach in the document. Alternate the images. For example if Mullins beach image is at the left of the Mullins paragraph then put Paynes Bay beach to the right of the Paynes Bay paragraph.
  5. If you do not find the picture of the beach you can copy it from the internet. Don't forget to place the images inside your homesite folder.
  6. Insert the heading "WEST COAST BEACHES" centered at the top of the document.
  7. Bold the main heading and use H1 size for the heading text.
  8. Use the Brush Script style text for the heading.
  9. Set the left margin of the document to 40. (the doc margin is set within the beginning body tag) eg. leftmargin="40" the same way the background is set within the body tag. If you are not sure about the margin give me a call.
  10. Place the paragraphs headings (side headings) in bold and use a font face of your choice.
  11. Save the file as Assignment1(your initials) in the home site folder
  12. Don't forget to place your file on your flash drive also.

(You may copy the text from the Barbados Beaches document in your web folder) Format the document as shown below.

West Coast  
Beaches are calm and relaxing, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sailing, with water sports available. The numerous hotels in the area provide visitors with plenty of options for lunch and drinks.

Mullins Beach
This is a very popular beach with moderately calm waters. It is easily accessed
and parking is available right across the road. There are also food and drinks available from Mullins Beach Bar right on the beach, who also provide decent lighting at night for those who may like night-time swimming. It makes a nice picnic spot during the day and is definitely worth a visit.

Paynes Bay 
This is also a moderately calm beach and is located opposite the Coach House
restaurant & bar. It is easily accessible and has parking. A great beach for snorkeling and
water sports. Bombas Beach Bar & The Coach House Restaurant are close by.

Fitts Village: Parking and shade are available and lunch can be had at il Tiempo.

Lovely crystal clear water and calm seas. Occasionaly the swimmer may catch a glimpse of a sea turtle and perhaps even swim with one. This beach is easily accessible and water sports are available at reasonable rates. Baku, Chefette and Kokomos provide great food.

In this town, known as "Little Bristol" there are many beaches which allow for
good swimming and other activities like snorkelling. There are also long stretches that make for good walks