Please place a table in your crop over website document



Creating your own website  Go to

*      Scroll down the page and click on the link “Get Started”

*      Select Free for all users “Get Basic”

*      Type your website name in the box “Get a Free Sub Domain”  keep the name short

*      Click on the “Continue” link

*      Select your name choice under “Free”

*      Click on continue

*      Click on Basic your current plan “Continue”

*      Enter all information asked for in the form presented

*      Type the two words given and click on Create an Account


You now have your own free website to upload  text and images to.  At the end of the course you can convert you free website into a paid domain name website.


You will need to upload you website you had to do for homework last Saturday to your new Website because you will be processing your form on this website.


Please complete section one above before beginning section two





Creating a Free cgi Account


You will need to create a CGI account to process your forms


Go to this website


*      Scroll down the page and fill in your username and email address. Please note that you username should be unique maybe a combination of letters and numbers (The Username will be used in processing your form so please remember it for class on Saturday)

*      Click on Create Account

*      Go to your email and open your Free Cgi registry mail

*      Click on the link provided to complete your registration

*      Type a new password in the New password box

*      Type your website url (this would be the website you uploaded to your new website address which you created in section one

*      Click Create Account

*      You should get a page saying congratulations.

IN CLASS ON SATURDAY we will beginning processing forms.