ColdFusion Course

Course Description

ColdFusion is a powerful yet easy to use Web application server. It allows you to create dynamic Web sites quickly and easily. ColdFusion provides a variety of tools that give you the abiity to query a database, output the results, and work with other dynamic information. You can use it to transform your website from a bland, static site into a powerful, dynamic place on the Web.

Course Outline

Understanding ColdFusion

  • Installing and configuring the Personal Web     Server
  • Installing ColdFusion Server
  • Logging in to ColdFusion Administrator

    Introducing ColdFusion Studio

  • Installing Coldfusion Studio
  • Creating a Mapping
  • Creating your first ColdFusion Page

    Variables and Functions

  • Understanding variables
  • Creating Local Variables
  • Examining Functions
  • Passing a variable between two templates

    Using forms with ColdFusion

  • Creating a basic Html Form
  • Using Server-side Form Validation
  • Displaying Form Variables
  • Generating Default Form Variables
  • Emailing Form Information
  • Retrieve Database Information

  • Creating a Data Source
  • Getting Information from a      Database
  • Outputting Information from a      Query
  • Caching a Query
  • Constructing a Dynamic Query
  • Querying a Query

    Modifying Databases

  • Insertinmg Information into a      Database
  • Generating a Customer List for      Updating
  • Creating the Update Page
  • Performing the Udate
  • Deleting Information from a Database

    Using Conditional Logic

  • Using Conditional Logic
  • Working with Loops
  • Working In Depth with Variables

    Differentiating Data with a List Variable

  • Automating with Structures
  • Storing Information with Arrays
  • Displaying Information with Arrays

    Other Functions

  • Using Trim to remove extra White      Space
  • Rounding Values with the Round      Function
  • Displaying a Dynamic message with      isDefined